Requena Office, Selected Projects (2021—2023)

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of working as a freelance motion designer and animator for Requena Office’s brands.

My intention in each of these projects has been to keep the brand's integrity to the fullest. 
By using animation, I aim to deepen the brand’s message, without stealing the spotlight.

(01) Batch Coffee Club

Brand Concept

Batch Coffee uses a personalized vibrant and playful typography shaped like coffee beans.

Animation Approach

I brought the coffee bean glyphs to life with animations that loop, enhancing the playful spirit of the brand.

(02) El Mag & Sans

Brand Concept

With a fresh strategic direction, El Magnífico and Sans & Sans introduced ‘Mag’ and ‘Sans’ as visual lead characters, revitalizing their brands respectively.

Animation Approach

Using a mix of cel animation and motion, I brought these characters to life, ensuring the animations were expressive and aligned with the new brand personality.

(03) Sans & Sans

Brand Concept

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympics, Sans & Sans blended the Olympic spirit with Joan Miró’s artistic flair in their tasting box.

Animation Approach

My task was to create smooth transitions that tie these elements together elegantly.

(04) Panettoni Pavolucci

Brand Concept

The typography for Panettoni Pavolucci highlights the unique relationship between the Pavolucci twins, with letters transforming into visual metaphors for their bond.

Animation Approach

I animated these key letters to emphasize their connection, using a subtle motion to make it pop.

(05) Knahia

Brand Concept

Knahia’s brand mixes the straight lines and simplicity of chopsticks with the rounded forms of sushi, embodying the essence of their restaurant and dance club.

Animation Approach

The goal for this introductory video was to show the shapes that form the identity mimicking how these elements interact could interact in real life.


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