Requena Office, Selected Projects

FreelancerStudio  Requena OfficeMy role  Motion Designer and AnimatorYear  2021 - 2023
Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of working as a freelance motion designer on a series of projects for Requena Office. Andrés Requena's creative leadership provided a strong foundation, yet he always encouraged my input in animation, resulting in a synergistic blend of his vision and my animation style. In my role as a motion designer, I focused on animating a variety of branding projects. 

Throughout these collaborations, my approach has been to honor the integrity of the original brand designs. I aim to make my animations enhance the brand's message subtly, ensuring they complement rather than overshadow the foundational artwork.

Batch Coffee

In the Batch Coffee project for Requena Office, the brand's essence is captured through vibrant and playful custom typography where each glyph is crafted from a batch of coffee beans. My role was to accentuate this unique design feature, animating each glyph to highlight the individual coffee beans, creating a series of loopable animations that reinforce the brand's visual identity.

Sans & Sans, Varieté Barcelona

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympics, Sans & Sans dedicated their 'Varieté' tasting box to the event. Merging Olympic spirit with the artistic flair of Joan Miró, my task in motion graphics was to create a transition uniting these elements with elegance

Panettoni Pavolucci

In Requena Office's Panettoni Pavolucci the design ingeniously reflects the dual nature of the Pavolucci twins, with the 'tt' of Panettone and 'cc' of Pavolucci becoming visual metaphors for their unique bond. In the animations, these letters gained emphasis through duplication and a subtle shift to italics, ensuring they stood out, encapsulating the brand's essence and its founders' connection.


For the Requena Office project with Knahia, I created animations that embody the restaurant and dance club's unique identity, drawing from the elemental chopsticks used in Eastern dining. The straight lines of the brand's typography reflect the simplicity of chopsticks, while the rounded elements are reminiscent of sushi and other culinary delights, creating a visual narrative for this vibrant heart of the Costa del Sol.

el mag & sans

In collaboration with Requena Office, El Magnífico's branding underwent a strategic repositioning and visual refresh, introducing 'Mag' as the central character to their coffee culture. Similarly, for their tea sister company Sans & Sans, 'Sans' emerges as the visual ambassador. 

In this case, my role involved blending cel animation with motion design to create expressive animations that stayed true to the characters envisioned by Gabinete Exquisito.


ClientRequena Office Creative DirectionAndrés Requena

Motion Design and AnimationEster Dus