H Waas x MACBA

Client  H waas x MACBAMy role  Motion Designer & AnimatorYear  2022

Joining the 'Manuals de reparacions i sons còsmics' exhibition at MACBA as a motion designer offered me an opportunity for creative exploration. Working with Helga Juarez, who brought both artistic direction and the musical landscape of H waas to life, provided me with an inspiring canvas with the beautiful aesthetics of nature. 

I was tasked with go deep into the landscapes through movements that resonated with the softness of the music.

The chosen color palette was a dance of deep blues, purples, and light yellows, evoking the serene mystery of twilight and the contrast of the ocean and the sky. As the project unfolded, my focus shifted to recreating her finer details. In After Effects, I manipulated textures and effects to give an organic feel that echoed Helga’s artistic language. 

Every technical choice, from the grainy textures that filled the night sky to the smooth cel animation that captured the delicate flutter of birds, was intentional. They were not just aesthetic decisions; they were narrative ones, telling a story through color, motion, and texture.


DirectionHelga Juarez

Art DirectorHelga Juarez

MusicH waas
Motion Design Ester Dus

IllustrationHelga Juarez
AnimationEster Dus

Additional IllustrationEster Dus