Oysho, Year of the Dragon

DirectorAt Device
Studio DeviceClient  OyshoMy role   DirectionYear  2024
This campaign was the first project I've had the pleasure of directing for Oysho, although it's not the first time Device has collaborated with the brand. My task? To take what we knew worked, update it with a twist for the new collection, and deliver it all into a 30-second video, all while celebrating the New Year with a dynamic narrative.

The presence of the dragon became our focal point. Our goal was to blend the dragon's qualities with our main character, exploring the idea that the dragon might not just be a companion, but a part of her.


Original sketches by Eudald Salarich
On the technical side, we gave a new twist to the energy, power, and simplicity of our approach. We pushed these elements even further for a bigger impact. After planning out how everything would unfold, we focused on making the switches between scenes smooth and meaningful. Our goal was to make these transitions clear and interesting, making sure they helped tell the story. To do this, we used special effects that mixed a sense of speed with a spark of energy, keeping the spotlight on our main character and guiding the audience's attention.

Rough animation by Bujor Stefanescu
Rough animation by Fernando Abaca



Production AssistantAnna Aguilera

Ester Dus

Clean upJuli Caluciatti + Karla Cuba+ Daniel Soms

Music & Sound DesignFacundo Capece

Creative DirectorPol Solà
AnimaticLeo Campasso
Lead AnimationFernando Abaca + Bujor Stefanescu
Executive ProductionMarcello Buselli
DirectorEster Dus
Art DirectorEudald Salarich

Additional IllustrationMarc Stuart
CompositingEster Dus