Guuk, Selected Campaigns (2021—2024)

Studio DeviceClient  GuukMy role   Direction
Ever since I joined the Device team, directing campaigns for Guuk, the Basque telecom operator, has been a recurring and enriching project. In collaboration with the advertising agency Lana, we have continuously evolved our narratives to align with each campaign's focus, all the while seamlessly integrating the unique stylistic elements of Jonathan Calugi's Art Direction. 

My first project for Guuk was the ‘Parece mentira' campaign, emphasizing the brand's fast internet service. The camera itself transforms into a dynamic character, embodying Guuk's high-speed service. It swiftly takes us through various scenes where events seem almost unbelievably good. The narrative begins by comparing the extraordinary strength of a Basque Harrijasotzaile, capable of lifting massive stones, to the impressive speed of Guuk's service, available wherever you are.

Working with Lana's creative brief, I developed a dynamic storyboard. Crafting the storyboard under tight time constraints, I aimed for a lively yet minimalist approach, balancing the rapid pace with the artistic nuances of Calugi's designs. The focus was on clarity and simplicity, ensuring the visuals remained engaging but not overwhelming for the audience.

Continuing this year, we embraced a calmer approach, focusing on unique, almost interchangeable scenes. The defining feature? The flowing hair of Guuk characters is a now iconic trait that embodies the Guuk characters’ identity. 

This subtle yet powerful visual element was central to our new animations, capturing everyday moments like enjoying coffee, reading at home, or cooking with family. Being part of Guuk is about these simple joys, mirrored in the graceful motion of each character.



Production CompanyBlackbox

Creative DirectionAlex Quintana 
Mario Fernández

Executive ProducerSergi Roda
Art DirectionJonathan Calugi
Directed byDevice

Creative DirectorIbran Trassierra

DirectorEster Dus

Animation DirectorEudald Salarich

Head of ProductionAriadna Pons

CompositingEster Dus
Additional IllustrationEudald Salarich
Marc Stuart

Music & Sound DesignFacundo Capece

AnimationKyr Novikov
Leo Campasso

Clean-UpJuli Culaciati
Eze Cruz
Eudald Salarich



Motion design